Welcome to Lets Recycle UK Ltd, formed as a sister company to a leading waste management company, D-Grease. Lets Recycle UK offers recycling of all plastic materials nation wide and being based in Barnsley’s Carlton Industrial Estate Lets Recycle is in prime location for collection and delivery of plastics from around the UK.

With a combined experience of over 40 years within waste management in the UK, the Lets Recycle team offers the highest level of understanding and knowledge of the handling issues associated with contaminated material

Not only does Lets Recycle UK offer the same high level of service and commitment to its customers as D-Grease but also D-Grease continues to provide the support and backing required to allow for growth and improvement. Rest assured, Let’s Recycle UK will be able to guarantee best rates and offer outlets for all industrial and commercial recyclable plastics for the long term.